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Squibb Freestyle Mobile Ramp Set Up


A typical Arena / Outdoor show could include – One, two or three riders and a commentator. The riders would be introduced and would demonstrate various tricks and bike skills on the ground, while warming up their engines. The main routine starts with couple of ‘normal’ jumps across a 60ft gap and then would run through a routine of different moves, with riders gymnastically positioning themselves above, beside and behind the bike, all whilst 40ft above the ground, – sometimes even landing with no hands on the bike. The biggest and best moves and tricks are saved till last, leaving the watching crowd stunned.

 NASS Jamie Squibb

Mobile Ramps – Showtime can be Any Time – Any Place.

The show has one of the best transportable metal take off and landing ramp systems in the UK.  Which has been developed after many years experience and then computer analysed to provide maximum airtime for big tricks, – ideal for large or small arenas.
The show can be erected on any flat surface – Grass, Tarmac, Gravel, Earth, etc. Ideal floor space needed for a complete freestyle display  a minimum area of 70meters to 15meters.