Squibb Freestyle The No 1 FMX Stunt Display Team


_42A6690 (1)But in the case of Jamie Squibb, it’s hard not to feel you’re looking at someone living out their teenage fantasies. “The first two times Nitro Circus came to the UK, me and my girlfriend bought tickets and just went to watch,” he tells me with a huge grin. “I was sat there with a beer and I said to my girlfriend, ‘I need to ride in this.’ It shows that when you set your goals and targets, you can get there.”

We’re standing in a quiet corner of the riders’ room at London’s 02 Arena, where Jamie and some of the world’s best freestyle motocross riders (Travis Pastrana is sat next to me nursing a cold beer, no big deal) have just finished their second sold out Nitro Circus show. “It was amazing,” says Squibb, “everyone knows Nitro Circus, and to be a part of it and to be out there riding with all of those guys – it’s just phenomenal. This is the best experience I’ve had in my entire riding life. This week has totally blown my mind, both in practice and on the shows. The level of ability of these riders is just amazing.”

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